COMAC 2014 campus recruitment enters interview phase

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2013-11-01   Source:HR Dept. of COMAC
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According to the requirements for the research and development of aircraft programs as well as the construction and development of COMAC, for the purpose of unceasingly improving the talent reserve of the company and accelerating the construction of a more professional civil aircraft talent team, which has reasonable echelon and meets international standard, the Human Resource Department (HR) of COMAC summarizes and draws experience from the campus recruitment over the last few years, follows the development mentality of "reaching a new level and making great changes", and combines the Plan for Construction of Talent Teams in 2013 to 2015 of COMAC and the actual demand in the program development tasks of each unit to meticulously map out the organizing and implementing steps for each link of 2014 campus recruitment, and relative work has already started at the beginning of September.

During the early publicity phase, COMAC released recruitment information via various kinds of platforms such as the employment information websites of key colleges and universities, campus BBS, all kinds of job websites, and official websites of COMAC and its subsidiaries, and strengthened the communication and contact with different colleges and universities to widely propagate COMAC to students and build momentum by the employment guidance centers of the colleges and universities and the instructors of each department. By the end of September, COMAC has received about 15000 curriculum vitae from student applicants.

Interviews are uniformly organized and deployed by the HR deparment of COMAC. The department has made specific requirements for the design of examination questions, the composition of interviewers, and the organization and implementation of the interviews in advance in order to ensure unified standard, clear process and controllable quality, and assigned personnel to patrol the interview sites. All units concerned actively cooperate and strictly insist on the requirements in order to ensure that all interview links are standardized and orderly. COMAC organized interviews for campus recruitment in Hangzhou region and Xi'an region respectively in Zhejiang University and Northwestern Polytechnical University on September 24th and September 27th. According to the work plan, COMAC will organize interviews in Nanjing, Harbin, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuhan and Hefei regions in the middle and late of October in succession.

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