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Talent Concept

Talent Concept


COMAC vigorously implements the talent strategy, fully understands and grasps the distinct features of scarcity of human resources, competitiveness, globalization and innovativeness in the civil aircraft industry, insists on the talent concept of "accepting talents from all lands to work together to create great achievements and achieve a wonderful life" and the talent idea of "developing programs via talents and cultivating talents via programs", takes talents as the first resource of enterprise development to accumulate, use and cultivate talents, and makes great efforts to build a high-quality backbone talent team.

With national support and global wisdom, COMAC, based on the needs of model development, actively introduces all kinds of talents, makes innovation in talent use mechanism, perfects talent training system, strengthens the service awareness for talents, and educates and guides staff to work on the model development with confidence, engage in the "Two Builds" and be infatuated with the career of trunk liner. Also, COMAC accurately and duly allocates qualified human resources to key positions, key development phases, key issues and key capabilities associated with the aircraft model development, and accelerates the transformation from human resources to human capital in order to ensure talent cultivation, mechanism setup and achievement making.

COMAC devotes great efforts to advancing the "Recruitment Program of Global Experts", "Leading Talents Project", "Talents Gathering Project" and "Young Talents Project". Since its establishment, COMAC has selected and employed more than 5,800 excellent graduates. The employees of the company have an average age of 33.3, 75.6% of which are youths under the age of 35. COMAC implements "COMAC Star" talents training plan for technical talents and management talents who were born in the 1970s and 1980s, and cooperates with GE in the "Global Civil Aviation Talent" program. At present, there are 130 Party committee managerial cadres, among which 34 were born in the 1970s and 1 was born in the 1980s, accounting for 27%, and 10 were promoted to the heads of headquarters departments and the chief Party and administration leaders of their own units. The company establishes a team consisting of 205 chief designers, director designers and specialty chief officers, introduces and trains 23 pilots and 57 test pilots and flight test engineers, and employs 152 overseas talents and foreign experts. Among the employees, 40 people were selected by "National Thousand Talents Program", 2 people were selected by "Ten Thousand Talents Program", 38 experts won Special Government Allowance given by the State Council, 18 people were leading talents in Shanghai, 7 people were selected by "Shanghai Thousand Talents Program", 6 people won "Magnolia Gold Award" of Shanghai, 5 people were elected to join "Pujiang Talents Plan", 9 people were selected by "Thousand Chief Technicians Program" of Shanghai, and 2 people were "Outstanding Technical Experts in Shanghai". The total number of COMAC employees has increased from more than 3,800 when the company was established to more than 10,000 now, and thereby COMAC forms a team of civil aircraft talents who have firm faith, dedication and courage to tackle key problems and struggle against formidable tasks and with international vision.

COMAC is defined by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee as one of the first batch of "Innovation and Pioneering Bases for Overseas High-Level Talents" and a "Contact Point for National Talents", designated by the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs as the first national "Demonstration Unit for Introducing Foreign Intelligence", designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a "Demonstration Base for Cultivating Innovative Talents", and approved to be the National-Level Education Bases for Professional and Technical Talents, and Training Bases for Highly Skilled Talents.

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