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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy



The Party Committee of COMAC will thoroughly implement the organizational line of the Party in the a new era and the strategy on developing a quality workforce in the new era; insist on the principle of the Party supervising the performance of officials and the principle of the Party exercising leadership over personnel; focus on achieving a high level of scientific and technological self-reliance; fully implement the core strategy of strengthening the enterprise by talents and the "COMAC Elite Project"; and build a die-hard core team which is unbeatable and unbreakable, advances despite difficulties, faces the difficulties, and is loyal to the trunk liner career.

* insist on being steered by strategies and implement the "COMAC Elite Project"
Based on the features of commercial aircraft talents such as scarcity, competitiveness, globalization and long growth cycle, we plan that by 2035, COMAC will own 30,000-40,000 employees, cultivate 10,000 elites, and build "4+2" core teams respectively concerning management, program, technology and skill plus urgently needed and overseas talents for the trunk liner. We will prominently promote several special talent programs; accelerate the development of strategic talents for the trunk liner, with the total number of staffs growing to more than 16,000; preliminarily establish a team of strategic scientists and technologists ranging from academicians, chief scientists of the company and experts at all levels, to general engineers andchiefengineers; form an innovation team with model program, key core and basic frontier technologies as the main body; and build a team of program managers with young talents as the main body, and with technical and skilled staffs accounting for more than 70%.

* continue to deepen reform and stimulate the innovation vitality of our talent team
We will focus on material motivation, policy motivation and spiritual motivation; take a combination ofmeasures for attracting talent, stabilizing team and stimulating vitality; construct a talent motivation matrix for tip-top, backbone and young talents; explore a motivation guarantee mechanism for scientific and technological innovation talents; establish a pilot area for trunk liner innovation; continually carry out COMAC talent competitiveness evaluation to inspire the spirit of serving the country, the spirit of struggle and the vitality of creation; and build a community for trunk liner career with shared benefits, shared achievements and shared glory based on the common ideal.

* adhere to opening-up cooperation and build a platform for the high-quality development of talents
We will construct a talent cultivation matrix according to the level and type of talents, focus on cultivating tip-top talents, and exercise a core force for leading the elites to overcome difficulties. We will accelerate the promotion, organize the rotation training and strengthen the practical experience of mature backbones. We will provide job opportunities, strengthen job qualifications and optimize mentoring for young talents. We will establish an " COMAC Alliance of Enterprices and Education", deepen the "COMAC step in campus", strengthen the integration with civil aviation system, establish school enterprise cooperative mechanism, and cultivate outstanding engineers through the integration of industry, education, research and application.

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