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Xi'an Aircraft International Corporation (hereinafter XAIC) is a share-holding enterprise established in the manner of being initiated exclusively and making an offer of shares publicly by Xi'an Aircraft Industry (Group) Co. Ltd. which is a large-scale aviation enterprise in China. XAIC A share (SZSE: 000768) was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Jun 26, 1997 as the first listed company in China's aviation manufacturing industry. 

XAIC has total shares of 2,477,618,440, wherein state-owned corporation shares are 1,413,918,440 accounting for 57.07% of the total shares, and public shares are 1,063,700,000 accounting for 42.93% of the total shares. Now, XAIC has the total assets of 17.024 billion yuan including net assets of 9.767 billion yuan, and covers a total area of 1.79 million square meters. XAIC has 9,740 (sets) of various kinds of processing equipment including 297 (sets) of numerical control processing equipment, and also has nearly 600 (sets) of various kinds of advanced checkout equipment. Today, it owns more than 14,720 employees, wherein 2,646 employees are high-grade and medium-grade professional technicians, and 893 employees hold high-grade and medium-grade skilled worker certificates. 

Since established for more than ten years, supported by resource integration of the listed company, XAIC carries out the strategic transformation of "Market-oriented Reform, Center-of-excellence-based Integration, Capitalization Operation, Industrial-scale-based Growth and Globalization-based Development" vigorously, unceasingly strengthens the core competence in aviation manufacturing, builds up four pillar industry of military aircraft, commercial airplanes, aviation service and international cooperation, and changes its role from an aircraft component manufacturer to an full-aircraft manufacturer, establishes the new business operation mode of synergistic development of military aircraft and commercial airplanes, becomes an important strategy platform with integration of financing function and complete industry chain for developing military aircraft and commercial airplanes, and also the first listed company completely servicing for arms business in China. 

At present, XAIC is the prime manufacturer for series of military aircraft and commercial airplanes, such as B6, FBC-1, Y7, MA, etc., the prime sub-contracted manufacturer for domestic ARJ21-700 aircraft, and also the prime supplier for C919 airframe structure and landing gear systems. 

XAIC has sincerely made strategic cooperation with world famous aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, Thales Alenia Space Italy, etc. Main products include vertical stabilizers of Boeing 737, assemblies of Boeing 747, cabin-cargo floor beams of Boeing 747, A320 serial wings, sections 16 and 18 of ATR42/72 fuselage, etc. XAIC has set up Tianjin Company majoring in final assembly of A320 serial wings in Binhai New District, Tianjin, and realized "Door to Door" production delivery with Airbus (Tianjin) Final Assembly Co., Ltd., thereby becoming the first supplier for A320 serial wings for Airbus besides Europe. 

In the light of the spirit of taking high responsibility for society, shareholder, user and staff, XAIC will positively perform the AVIC development strategy of Two Financing, Three New, Five "lized", Trillion Income, lay aim at international and domestic markets, actively take the leading development, and let more and more large-and-medium-scale domestic aircraft soar in the blue sky, thereby making new contributions to promote aviation industry and accelerate modernization of national defense. 
Products provided for ARJ21-700 Program 

Fwd fuselage (including fwd cargo door), mid fuselage (including center wing), MLG door, parts and assemblies on upper part of mid and aft fuselage, assemblies on lower part of mid and aft fuselage, emergency door and doorframe parts and assemblies thereof, fuselage, wing fairing, wings, inboard flaps, outboard flaps, ailerons, spoilers and winglets. 
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