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Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC), subordinate to AVIC, is a large-scale modern aircraft manufacturing enterprise specialized in manufacturing aviation products through integration of scientific research, production, testing and test flight, and is also an important base for developing and producing home-made fighter aircraft. Now, SAC has about 15,000 employees and occupies a total area of more than 8 million square meters. The last 50 years have seen SAC building more types of fighter aircraft totaled in several thousand, SAC has come to the "FIRST" in the history of Chinese aviation one after another, making contribution of great importance to the built-up of China's national defense, and therefore SAC is known as the "CRADLE OF CHINA'S FIGHTER AIRCRAFT". Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao, CCP and national leaders, made an inspection of SAC and paid close attention and deep concern to development of SAC. 

SAC has strong capabilities of aircraft assembly and system integration. SAC owns world-advanced technologies and equipment for aircraft assembly, overall tests, reliability tests and flight tests, and also owns an advanced complete aviation product production line. SAC has strong capabilities of numerical control machining, computer network and software development. Especially, SAC takes the lead in respects of titanium alloy machining, numerical control machining of large-scale complicated structural parts, composite processing, etc. SAC owns more than 8,000 general-purpose and special equipment in various specifications and types, and the number of the numerical control equipment is 200 among the general and special equipment. SAC also has strong capabilities of metal-cutting machining, sheet metal forming, welding, composite processing, aircraft assembly, etc. SAC has the world-advanced level in titanium alloy cutting machining, forming, welding, heat treatment and product environmental testing. SAC engaged in digital design manufacture preliminarily, and has rich practical experiences in digital concurrent design, digital coordination, numerical control machining, digital assembly and detection, tooling digital design and manufacture. SAC is capable of manufacturing the large components of various trunkline and regional aircraft and developing general-purpose aircraft and civil products, and has about a hundred of professional production lines for the special manufacturing process of aircraft. 

SAC vigorously develops international commercial aircraft markets and actively expands cooperation with overseas partners. Since the international cooperation with European Airbus in 1985, SAC has cooperated on commercial aircraft component subcontracting production programs with famous aviation companies from a dozen of countries including US, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Israel, etc. Moreover, SAC has established multiple professional production lines. SAC has provided commercial aircraft products for several internationally famous aircraft manufacturing enterprises including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Eurocopter Deutschland and Israel Aircraft Industries, and has established good partnerships with them on technical cooperation and trade. Since the new century, SAC has been further expanding the international cooperation, and has undertaken about one-fourth workload in the research and development of home-made ARJ21 aircraft with independent intellectual property rights. In 2007, SAC cooperated with Cessna on production of L162 light-sport aircraft, and this is the first time SAC cooperated with others on production of complete commercial aircraft. 

SAC actively promotes the establishment of the modern enterprise system, improves the corporate governance structure and makes the relationship of parent and subsidiary companies clear. In recent years, SAC has successively invested to establish more than 20 holding and joint stock subsidiaries such as SAC General Products Industry Co. Ltd., etc., expanded the range of capital operation and created new points for economic growth of SAC. 
Products provided for ARJ21-700 Program 

Pylons, aft fuselage (including tailcone, APU compartment door, vertical stabilizer and rudder) and full-aircraft cables. 
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