ARJ21 Regional Jet Program

ARJ21, short for Advanced Regional Jet for the 21st Century, is a new type of turbofan short/medium range regional jet that is designed and manufactured in China with our own independent intellectual property rights. The range of the standard ARJ21 is 2,225 km, which is mainly for meeting the operation requirements of hub-spoke routes, ie from central cities to neighboring medium and small cities. The maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft is 40,500 kg, the maximum operating altitude 11,900 m, and the maximum range 3,700 km. Two CF34-10A engines are mounted on the rear of the aircraft. There are 78 seats in a dual-class configuration and 90 seats in a full economy class configuration. Its economic life is designed to be 60000 flying hours/20 calendar years.

Main Design Features
ARJ21 has the following five major features

It is adaptable to the operating requirements in high temperature and plateau airports and can fly over the barriers along the complex routes in China's western regions;

As a regional jet, this aircraft offers a spacious and quiet cabin which is comparable to that of a 150-seat trunk liner;

Its performance and operating characteristics are similar to those of 150-seaters, while commonalities on its flight/maintenance man-machine interface and operating procedures have been retained as much as possible;

Direct operating and lifecycle costs are lower than those of competing aircraft;
Product family:

A family will be developed to cover the basic version, extended version, shortened version, cargo version and corporate version.

Major Applications of ARJ21

To replace smaller regional aircraft to meet the operating requirements of China's western regions to realize direct flights between long distance destinations and improve service standards;

To replace larger aircraft to increase flight frequencies and meet passenger needs;

To be used on "point-to-point" routes to improve operating efficiency;

To extend hub-spoke routes from central airports to smaller airports;

To be used as an economic transportation tool for major routes of hub-spoke airports during non-peak hours;

To meet domestic development requirements for business jets and regional cargo airplanes.

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