C919 Program

"C919"is the short form of trunk liner code for "COMAC919". COMAC is the acronym of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. The letter "C" is the first letter of both "COMAC" and "China". It indicates that this trunk liner program is the will of China and her people. It is a short-medium range commercial trunk liner that can claim indigenous intellectual property. Its all-economy class layout entails 168 seats, and the hybrid class layout 156 seats. The basic version is designed to cover a range of 4,075 km, while the enhanced version can stretch to 5,555 km. Such designs may satisfy the operating demands for different routes. Its economic life is designed to be 90,000 flying hours/30 calendar years.

Main features of C919


The design, development, and airworthiness examination of the airplane are completely based on international civil aviation rules and regulations and airworthiness standards.

Fuel consumption and direct operating cost per seat per kilometer are lower than those of similar existing airplanes.

Broader cabins and wider seats plus advanced system technology to improve comfort.
Environmentally friendly:

New engine to meet noise and pollutant discharge requirements.
Product family:

Covering basic version, extended version, shortened version, cargo version, special version and corporate version.

Basic Principles of Developing C919

Chinese Characteristics. We should set our footing on the practical situations in China, leverage on the whole nation's strengths andwisdem, and bring into full play the political superiority of the socialist system which is capable of concentrating all of its resources in achieving great things.

Cutting-edge Technology. We must consider user needs in the beginning during design and make sure the trunk liners that we are going to develop and manufacture will be competitive with other products in the same class.

Strategic cooperation. We will commit to national and international cooperation based on the "airframer-suppliers" model to share risks and benefits, and build a system of both national and international suppliers for trunk liner, and eventually establish relatively complete service and industrial chains in the commercial airplane business.

Innovative System and Mechanism. We should establish the notion and use of systematic engineering to promote innovations in systems and mechanisms, as well as in management.

Independent Intellectual Property Rights. In order to meet the demand of the domestic aviation market, we should comply with the safety, economy, comfort and environmental regulations of the aviation authorities and acquice ownership of our independent intellectual property rights.

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