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China Aviation Daily:Second Chinese Domestic Jetliner C919 Starts Taxiing Test for Maiden Flight the End of Year

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2017-12-13   Source:China Aviation Daily
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The second C919, known as No.102, carried out its first low-velocity taxiing test on the 5th runway of Pudong International Airport on the afternoon of November 30, marking the official start of entering test flight preparation. As planned, the C919 will possibly make its maiden flight at the end of this year.

The domestic jetliner C919 is the first truck liner based on Chinese independent research and development and it meets the latest international airworthy standard. As a dream filled, it has drawn much attention nationally and even globally.

Presently, there are 2 C919s in total. The first one, numbered as 101, made its maiden flight on May 5, 2017 and right now is engaged in more arduous tasks for airworthiness certification and flight test in Shaanxi, while No. 102 is waiting for coating before its maiden flight. Not long ago, the engine of No.102 successfully ignited in a condition better than expected, laying a solid foundation for the following tests. According to Xiao Huijiang, Minister of Program Management Department of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), No.102 has fulfilled more than 60% functional tests, which show that No.102 is much more developed than No.101.

Besides, for the whole testing phase, there will be 6 C919s in total, undertaking different tasks. According to Wu Yue, General Manager of C919 Airliner Program from COMAC, the first three aircraft will mainly focus on performance and key systems like dynamic system while the fourth will focus on some task systems involving avionics system and electronic power generating system. When it comes to the last two, they will focus on passenger service systems like cabin system and information system.

In the meanwhile, ground static test related to aircraft safety is under progress, which is not only the test for aircraft body but also an evidence for the future optimization. According to Zhao Junfeng, Vice Director of Designers from Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, COMAC, C919 has passed restricted load test and is going to take the ultimate challenge to find out its strength limit. The test will provide evidence for the future structure design to make the aircraft lighter and fly farther.

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