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COMAC Software Co., Ltd. included in list of "Demonstration Enterprises for S&T Enterprise Reform"

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2020-04-29   Source:WeChat@comacnews
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Recently, the Office of the Leading Group for State-Owned Enterprise Reform under the State Council held a video conference on the mobilization and deployment of the "Demonstration Action for S&T Enterprise Reform", to mobilize and deploy the special action for deepening the market reform and improving the independent innovation ability of hundreds of S&T enterprises. The list of "Demonstration Enterprises for S&T Enterprise Reform" that had completed the filing of reform plan was officially announced on April 27th. COMAC Software Co., Ltd., a sub-subsidiary of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC), was successfully included in the list of "Demonstration Enterprises for S&T Enterprise Reform", and became one of the 204 "Demonstration Enterprises for S&T Enterprise Reform" throughout the country.

The "Demonstration Action for S&T Enterprise Reform" refers to the "Special Action for Deepening Market-Oriented Reform and Improving Independent Innovation Ability of Hundreds of S&T Enterprises". It is another special project for state-owned enterprise reform organized by the Leading Group for State-owned Enterprise Reform under the State Council following the "Double-Hundred Action" and "Regional Comprehensive Reform Test" of the state-owned enterprise reform. This action is mainly based on the ideas of classified reform and classified implementation to take the lead in promoting a group of state-owned S&T enterprises with the most urgent need of reform to further deepen the market-oriented reform on the premise of realistically strengthening the Party's overall leadership over state-owned enterprises and resolutely preventing the loss of state-owned assets according to the requirements of high-quality development; focus on exploring innovation and making breakthroughs in terms of corporate governance improvement, market-oriented personnel selection and employment, and incentive and restrictive mechanism strengthening; create a batch of reform models and independent innovation vanguards for state-owned S&T enterprises; and copy and popularize the successful experience on this basis.

COMAC Software Co., Ltd. was founded at Tianfu New Area of Chengdu in China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone on November 19th, 2019. The primary mission of COMAC Software Co., Ltd. is to support the digital transformation of China-made commercial aircraft industry, enhance the software foundation and key capabilities of China-made commercial aircraft, become an important supplement to the informatization strength of COMAC, and become a main force for the informatization of China-made commercial aircraft industry.

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