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Ulan Muqir art troupe enters high-tech enterprise and national key project

- COMAC learns from the spirits of "being loyal to the Party and loving the people" of Ulan Muqir

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2019-12-19   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) held an activity of "introducing Ulan Muqir art troupe to trunk liner program" from 19th to 20th, 2019, in order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress, and encourage trunk liner workers to learn the spirits of Ulan Muqir, remain true to the original aspiration, keep their dreams, and make unremitting efforts for the trunk liner career.

Ulan Muqir art troupe, directly under the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, was founded in 1965. It has stuck to the grass roots for a long time and become the spearhead and main force of public cultural services in agricultural and pastoral areas. Generations of Ulan Muqir artists has trekked in gobi and grassland, bringing spiritual culture to the farmers and herdsmen, and making unique contributions to the cultural undertakings and social and economic development of the border ethnic minority areas. They have received great attention and care from several generations of Party and state leaders, and received welcome and support from the people of all ethnic groups. General Secretary Xi Jinping once pointed out in his letter of reply to the Ulan Muqir artists that Ulan Muqir had been a flag at the national literature and art front, which had brought joy and civilization to the farmers and herdsmen, and delivered the Party's voice and care. Ulan Muqir has insisted on serving the people wholeheartedly, and has not only walked around the grassland, but also walked into high-tech enterprises and national key projects.

Mr. He Dongfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of COMAC, Mr. Tan Wangeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of COMAC, Mr. Zhao Jiufang, Supervisory Attache of the State Committee of Supervisory of the People's Republic of China in COMAC, Member of Standing Committee of the Party Committee of COMAC, and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of COMAC, Mr. Shi Mo, Deputy Secretary-General of People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Mr. Li Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Vice President of Inner Mongolia Bureau of National Art Troupes, attended the activity.

Mr. Tan Wangeng pointed out in his speech that there had been a deep communion between the spirits of the traditional ethnic art group Ulan Muqir of "being loyal to the Party, loving the people, sticking to the grass roots, working hard, struggling harmoniously, and making innovation based on heritage" and the trunk liner enterprising spirits of building China into a leader in aviation, "Four Long-Terms" and "never give up", and it had been worth learning from each other. COMAC had maintained in-depth and sound cooperation with Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The prosperous and stable development of the autonomous region had provided a broad scope for the commercial operation of ARJ21 aircraft. He hoped that all sides would take this event as an opportunity to open up new areas of cooperation, promote the operation, talent cultivation, industry-finance integration and cultural exchanges of China-made commercial aircraft, and contribute to the building of a bright Inner Mongolia and the realization of the great Chinese Dream.

Mr. Shi Mo extended gratitude to COMAC for their long-term support to the economic and social development of Inner Mongolia. He expressed the hope that Ulan Muqir would become a bridge and link to strengthen the connection between the grassland and the trunk liner, vigorously carry forward the spirits of Ulan Muqir and the spirits of the trunk liner, promote the high-quality economic and social development of Inner Mongolia, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of the trunk liner career of China.

During the activity, the Ulan Muqir artists wore Mongolian costumes, singing and dancing, presenting the plain, natural and unrestrained grassland culture for trunk liner workers. From the well-known song Hulun Buir Grassland to the Mongolian song Mo Heru, and from the lifelike music Going Steam Ahead to the fascinating song Mountain Monie, the mild and tactful sound of Morin Khuur was attractive, the long and soothing melody of Mongolian long tone was lingering, and the bold and unrestrained grassland dance was inspiring. With high professional accomplishment and free heroic spirit, the Ulan Muqir artists aroused the enthusiasm and resonance of trunk liner workers, and the atmosphere was extremely hot. The versatile trunk liner workers also performed an interactive duet with the Ulan Muqir artists, showing the spirit and hospitality of COMAC staff.

The activity of "introducing Ulan Muqir art troupe to trunk liner program" lasted for two days. Through artistic performances, visits, exchanges and paying tribute to models, the Ulan Muqir artists not only brought a visual and cultural feast to the cadres and workers fighting in the front line of the trunk liner career, but also implemented the spirits of General Secretary Xi Jinping's letter of reply. This activity was combined with the comprehensive implementation of the Party's policy towards nationalities to promote national unity, with the approach to the front line of aircraft development to solicitude key units, and with the tribute to the advanced and model individuals and teams of the company, and inspired the cadres and workers of the company to make unremitting efforts for the trunk liner career.

Representatives of 2019 Customer Conference of COMAC, advanced and model worker representatives of COMAC, and employee representatives of Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute (SADRI), Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SAMC), Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd. and COMAC Flight Test Center attended the activity.


A photo taken during a chorus.


A photo taken during a dancing.


A photo taken during a dancing.


A photo taken during a duet.


A photo of offering Khata.


Mr. He Dongfeng presented a banner to Ulan Muqir art troupe.







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