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COMAC attends 2nd CIIE with future electric aircraft cockpit

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2019-11-05   Source:News Center of COMAC
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A photo of the virtual integration platform of future electric aircraft.


Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) attended the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) held from November 5th to 10th, 2019 and presented the future electric aircraft cockpit - a virtual integration platform - at the Innovative China exhibition area of the China Pavilion.

The virtual integration platform of future electric aircraft is developed by Beijing Aeronautical Science & Technology Research Institute (BASTRI) of COMAC and is mainly used for the technology integration and verification of green intelligent electric aircraft. The platform mainly includes 1 simulator cockpit and 24 system simulation workstations. Among which, the simulator cockpit is mainly used to display the running status of the engine, electrical, hydraulic and flight control systems of the aircraft and provide signal excitation; and the 24 system simulation workstations are used to calculate system models and display system running status in real time through 3D animation so as to monitor the dynamic operating condition of each system of the aircraft.

At the stand, through a big screen, visitors could see the scene of the virtual integration platform simulating a future large passenger aircraft taking off from Beijing Daxing International Airport, flying over the Great Wall, arriving in Shanghai and landing smoothly at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport next to the expo venue.

It is reported that this platform is the first attempt for COMAC to establish a digital simulation model for the whole aircraft system and realize the synchronous real-time simulation of the whole aircraft system through integrated development. Meanwhile, it is also the first attempt to carry out aircraft economy evaluation based on a digital simulation method, and weigh the fuel economy of aircraft under different architectures, so as to provide guidance for the conceptual design of aircraft system architecture. In addition, through the development of display control interface, real-time monitoring of running status and on-line parameter adjustment of airborne systems can be realized. The platform aims to form the capability of design, integration and airworthiness certification of commercial aircraft airborne systems in China, which is of great significance to improve the independent research and development capability of commercial aircraft in China and narrow the technology gap with the mainstream international aircraft suppliers.

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