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C919 flight simulator debuts at Aviation Expo/China

COMAC attends Aviation Expo/China 2019 (18th Expo)

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2019-09-18   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Site of opening ceremony.


The opening ceremony of Aviation Expo/China 2019 (18th Expo) was held at China National Convention Center in Beijing on September 18th, 2019. Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC), which attended the Aviation Expo/China for the sixth time, presented 1:10 mockups of C919 aircraft, ARJ21 aircraft and CBJ business jet, and a 1:15 split-type mockup of CR929 aircraft, and showcased a 1:1 flight simulator of C919 aircraft in public for the first time. Customers and insiders could experience the piloting of C919 aircraft from the aspects of control force, vision, sound and controls. During the Expo, COMAC will release the Market Forecast Report (2019-2038), hold China Commercial Aircraft Additive Manufacturing Technology and Application Forum, and organize the Civil Aircraft Materials Industry Development Forum China 2019.

ARJ21 aircraft is a regional jet independently developed in accordance with the internationalized airworthiness standards, and owns independent intellectual property right. It has excellent performance in plateau and high temperature conditions and crosswind performance, and especially could meet the requirements of take-off and landing at the airports in mid-western & northern regions of China and obstacle clearance along complex routes. So far, COMAC has delivered 15 ARJ21-700 aircraft to Chengdu Airlines and Genghis Khan Airlines, and the aircraft have successively flown 28 routes in 31 cities, and carried more than 500,000 passengers. The market operation is smooth, the passenger feedback is good, and the route operation efficiency has been significantly improved. With the improvement of COMAC's production capacity and the expansion of ARJ21 fleet size, ARJ21 aircraft is striving to provide support for the development of regional aviation and the coordinated development of regional economy in China.

C919 aircraft is a single-aisle trunk liner independently developed in accordance with the internationalized airworthiness standards and the prevailing market standards, and owns independent intellectual property right. COMAC plans to put a total of six test aircraft into flight test, four of which have already carried out flight test in Shanghai, Xi'an, Dongying and Nanchang, and the other two are in the process of final assembly and are planned to be put into flight test this year; meanwhile, other scientific research and production work is also advanced in an orderly manner.

CR929 aircraft is a long range wide body commercial aircraft jointly developed by COMAC and United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). The basic model has a range of 12,000 km, with seats for 280 passengers. China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Co., Ltd (CRAIC) is in smooth operation. The joint concept definition phase of CR929 program has been completed, supplier selection is in process, and various work of Overall Program Definition (G3) phase is advanced steadily.

COMAC will adhere to the principle of being customer centered, center on product realization and product management processes, insist on independent innovation, integrate global resources, realize collaborative and high-efficient operation, and sustainably create value for customers. COMAC will also further strengthen communication and exchange with customers, suppliers and cooperation units, and carry out concentrated market promotion focusing on the potential customers of ARJ21, C919, CR929 and ARJ21 business jet at this Expo.




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