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ARJ21 aircraft conducts demonstration flight in Hainan

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2018-12-25   Source:News Center of COMAC
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In demonstration flight.

Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) and HNA Group jointly held a demonstration flight of the China-made regional jet ARJ21-700 in Haikou on December 25th, 2018. This is the first time for ARJ21-700 aircraft to carry out manned overwater demonstration flight, demonstrating the adaptability of the aircraft in tropical maritime climate. This is also an important measure for COMAC and HNA Group to explore the market of China-made commercial aircraft. Mr. Wang Lu, Vice Governor of Hainan Province, Mr. He Dongfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of COMAC, Mr. Zhao Yuerang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of COMAC, Mr. Chen Feng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of HNA Group, Mr. Zhang Ling, Vice Chairman and President of HNA Group, and Mr. Bao Qifa, Director of HNA Group and Chairman of Hainan Airlines, attended the demonstration flight.

Mr. He Dongfeng expressed that the rapidly developing air transport industry in China is a significant advantage and powerful force in the development of China's commercial aircraft industry. COMAC would strive to make ARJ21-700 aircraft an important force of Urumqi Air, jointly promote the development of regional aviation in China, and build a dream community of commercial aircraft and civil aviation transportation industry.

Mr. Chen Feng expressed that HNA Group had been an active participant and contributor in the rapid development of China-made commercial aircraft industry. HNA Group would take Urumqi Air as its main operating organization, give full play to the adaptability of ARJ21 aircraft in different climatic conditions, and expand its operating range.

Urumqi Air, a subsidiary of HNA Group, is the third ARJ21-700 operator in China after Chengdu Airlines and Genghis Khan Airlines. ARJ21-700 aircraft with Urumqi Air painting conducted an aerobatic flight during Zhuhai Airshow in November this year. ARJ21-700 aircraft can well adapt to the requirements of take-off and landing at west airports in China and obstacle clearance along complex routes, better meet the needs of Urumqi Air's route operation in Xinjiang, help Urumqi Air further expand the regional aviation network, and open up more loop and cross routes in Xinjiang. The demonstration flight have further expanded the flight area of the ARJ21-700 aircraft in China. Up to now, the ARJ21-700 aircraft has flown to dozens of airports in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, which has fully verified its adaptability in high-temperature, high-wet plateau and high-cold region, laying a foundation for the subsequent large-scale delivery and operation.




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