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COMAC completes trunk liner level static and damage tolerance tests of composite wing box section for the first time in China

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2018-06-23   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Recently, all typical static and damage tolerance tests of composite wing box section were completed at Beijing Aeronautical Science and Technology Research Institute (BASTRI) of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC), which verifies that the structure design scheme and strength analysis method are in compliance with relevant airworthiness provisions of CCAR-25-R4, indicates that China has the capability meeting international civil aircraft airworthiness requirements to verify the strength of composite main bearing structure of large civil aircraft, and lays a solid foundation for the follow-up static and fatigue/damage tolerance tests of full-scale wing box section of composite wing.

The proportion of composite materials in main bearing structure of large civil aircraft has become one of the most important symbols of the advancement and market competitiveness of civil aircraft technology. With the great support from relevant national ministries and commissions as well as relevant aviation enterprises and institutions, COMAC launched a Large Civil Aircraft Composite Wing Development Program ("Composite Wing Program" for short) in 2012 and took C919 aircraft as a platform to comprehensively carry out the design, analysis, manufacturing, assembly and test of composite wing. This is the first time to carry out trunk liner level static and damage tolerance tests of composite wing box section in China.

The composite wing program has achieved four firsts in China: it is the first time to establish a whole process of "material selection, design, analysis, processing, assembly and test" for composite wing in a large civil aircraft pre-research program in China; it is the first time to carry out high-level "building block" test of T800 composite materials in accordance with airworthiness requirements; it is the first time to complete the key technical breakthrough and integration of domestic large civil aircraft under the technical guidance and leadership of experts in "Recruitment Program of Global Experts"; it is the first time to establish a product IPT team of COMAC to explore the working mode of collaboration between different places and realize the parallelization, integration and collaboration across disciplines, units, groups and national boundaries through a unified working platform. The composite wing program adopts the concept of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) and carries out verification by manufacturing and assembling specimens of typical wing box section and full-scale wing box section, which achieves a breakthrough in the field of civil aircraft manufacturing in China. A series of systematically verified and relatively complete design principles, strength analysis methods and allowable value databases of composite wing structure have been established in the composite wing program.

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