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COMAC wins title of 2017 Outstanding Subject Study Organizer of RIPBIPWSOE

Seven study results win first, second and third prizes respectively

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2018-01-17   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Recently, Research Institute for Party Building, Ideological and Political Work of State-Owned Enterprises (RIPBIPWSOE) issued the Decision on Commending Outstanding Study Results and Outstanding Subject Study Organizers in 2017. Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) was chosen as 2017 Outstanding Subject Study Organizer of RIPBIPWSOE, and seven study results won the first, second and third prizes respectively. This is the most fruitful year for COMAC to be commended by RIPBIPWSOE for outstanding study results since the establishment of the company.

In 2017, Research Institute for Party Building, Ideological and Political Work of COMAC was led by the Party Committee of COMAC, insisted on blending in the central task and serving the overall interests, thoroughly studied and explored the characteristics and laws of Party building, ideological and political work under the new situation, actively promoted the theoretical study and practical innovation of Party building, ideological and political work, and introduced a batch of outstanding study results which were practical for the company and have high application degree, prominent conversion effect and referential value.

After the review of outstanding study results in 2017 organized by RIPBIPWSOE, Practical Study on Selecting "Chinese Craftsmen" in Trunk Liner Career of Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SAMC) won the first prize; Thinking and Practice of Human Resource Operation System in Civil Aircraft Industry of Human Resource Department of COMAC won the second prize; Study on Upholding Party Leadership, Establishing and Improving Modern State-Owned Enterprise System with Chinese Characteristics of Party-masses Affairs Department of COMAC, Study on Strengthening Examination and Evaluation by Discipline Inspection and Supervision Institution of Secondary Unit of State-Owned Enterprises Under New Situation of Discipline Inspection Department of COMAC, Exploration on Team Building Mechanism of Trunk Liner Youth Representatives of League Committee of COMAC, Practical Study on Party Building and Co-building by Concept of Life Community of Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute (SADRI), and Study on Continuously Improving "Three Mechanisms" and Building Effective Anti-corruption Model for Construction Projects of State-Owned Enterprises of COMAC Sichuan Branch won the third prize.

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