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COMAC signs Framework Cooperation Agreement on Central Enterprise Collaborative Innovation in Metal 3D Printing with CNIC and AECC

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2017-12-21   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Site of signing ceremony.


Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement on Central Enterprise Collaborative Innovation in Metal 3D Printing with CNIC Corporation Limited (CNIC) and Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC) in Beijing on December 19th, 2017. Mr. Xie Jun, Director General of Bureau of Planning and Development under State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), Mr. He Dongfeng, Chairman of COMAC, Mr. Liu Dongsheng, Chairman of CNIC, and Mr. Cao Jianguo, Chairman of AECC, attended the discussion and signing ceremony. Mr. Zhou Yuxian, President of CNIC, presided over the signing ceremony.

Mr. Xie Jun fully affirmed the contribution made by the three sides to promoting the cooperation in collaborative innovation of the program, and pointed out that metal 3D printing is an important part of the strategic emerging industries, which needs to be developed vigorously in China. Collaborative innovation of metal 3D printing by central enterprises was the concrete exploration and implementation of the development ideas of "new technology, new industry, new industry forms and new model" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping. In the fostering of emerging industries and the development of business, central enterprises should take the concept of platform and sharing to avoid low-level repetition; and should adopt new platforms and new mechanisms by new ideas and new concepts to actively explore new business forms.

Mr. He Dongfeng expressed that 3D printing represented a new manufacturing method, which had incomparable advantages in specific application scenarios compared with the traditional subtractive manufacturing. He hoped that the program could originally attempt new mechanisms, new ways and new practices in the follow-up work, and boldly explore collaborative innovation by central enterprises. COMAC would give full support to make contribution to the trunk liner career and aircraft engine career of China.

Mr. Liu Dongsheng expressed that AECC, COMAC and CNIC should develop in-depth cooperation in the field of metal 3D printing, realize resource sharing, and promote the industrialized application of metal 3D printing in related areas by innovative business models. CNIC would accelerate the program progress to realize the official operation of the cooperation platform with the joint efforts of all parties as soon as possible.

Mr. Cao Jianguo expressed that developing additive manufacturing was of great significance to the aircraft engine career of China, and AECC was highly concerned about the application of metal 3D printing technology. AECC would make full use of the advantages of the platform, form demonstration and drive effect, and train its own team and master core technologies in the field of powder, printing technology and printing equipment. AECC would further strengthen its support for the cooperative program in many ways.

Mr. Zhou Yuxian introduced the background and progress of metal 3D printing program, and pointed out that metal 3D printing technology had the advantages of shortening R&D period, reducing product weight and improving product performance.

Mr. Shi Jianzhong, Vice President of COMAC, Mr. Dai Yusi, CFO of CNIC, and Mr. Zhang Minsheng, CFO of AECC, placed their signatures on the Framework Cooperation Agreement on Central Enterprise Collaborative Innovation in Metal 3D Printing. According to the agreement, the three sides would be guided by SASAC to develop cooperation in metal 3D printing collaborative innovation in a market-oriented way, promote the research, development and industrialized application of metal 3D printing technology, and support the development of core business of related central enterprises.

Officers of Bureau of Planning and Development under SASAC, CNIC, AECC and related departments of COMAC headquarters attended the signing ceremony.

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