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COMAC workers Deng Xiaohong and Zhou Liangdao selected as Shanghai Leading Talents 2017

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2017-12-13   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Recently, the list of Shanghai Leading Talents Training Program 2017 was announced, and 106 high-level talents were selected. Mr. Deng Xiaohong from COMAC Flight Test Center and Mr. Zhou Liangdao from Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute (SADRI) were on the list.

According to statistics, the 106 finalists have won 8 national awards and 87 provincial awards, acquired 365 independent intellectual property rights, and published 577 papers in important journals at home and abroad in recent years; many of them have also undertaken and participated in the research and development of major projects such as the "863 Program", the "973 Program" and major national science and technology projects; and nearly 60% of them are from key areas of strategic emerging industries and high-tech industrialization. At the same time, there are 42 high-level talents from enterprises on the list, which fully reflects the orientation of training talents to serve economic and industrial development.

Shanghai Leading Talents Training Program is a high-level talent training program organized by Organization Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, and Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Since 2006, Shanghai has selected a total of 1,398 leading talents in 12 batches, and the municipal government has invested about 350 million yuan. Among them, 27 have been elected as academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 51 have been listed in "Ten Thousand Talents Program". Shanghai Leading Talents Training Program has become a brand project of high-level talents training in Shanghai, which has played an important role in strengthening the construction of the city's high-level talent team and speeding up the construction of the four centers.

Mr. Deng Xiaohong, Han nationality, born in July 1964 in Jiangxi Province, holds a technical title of Researcher. He started working in 1986, and has once worked in Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation and Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Co., Ltd., with rich experience in test flight. He is currently the Deputy Chief Designer of C919 Aircraft of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC). He has obtained the second prize for AVIC Scientific and Technological Achievement Award and the second prize for Shaanxi Defence-Related Science and Technology Progress Award.

Mr. Zhou Liangdao, Han nationality, born in August 1968 in Hubei Province, holds a technical title of Researcher. He started working in 1992, and has once participated in the development of multiple military aircraft programs, and participated in the development of the composite vertical stabilizer of Y-7. He is currently the Deputy Chief Designer of C919 Aircraft of COMAC, and is responsible for the professional work related to structure, strength and standard material. He has participated in the projects of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, such as the design, manufacture and test verification of composite wing and the localization of materials. He has obtained the third prize for AVIC Science and Technology Progress Award.

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