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CCAR-142 certification of COMAC flight training center initiated

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2017-10-25   Source:News Center of COMAC
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At the CAAC Review Meeting for CCAR-142 held at the Customer Service Center of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) on October 23rd, 2017, CAAC East China Regional Administration accepted the formal application letter for CCAR-142 certification and associated attachments submitted by COMAC, and CCAR-142 certification of COMAC flight training center was officially initiated. Mr. Jiang Huaiyu, Director of CAAC East China Regional Administration, and Mr. Shi Jianzhong, Vice President of COMAC, attended the meeting.

Mr. Jiang Huaiyu pointed out that the CCAR-142 certification would create many "firsts" in such certification in east China, i.e. CCAR-142 certification of a manufacturer's training institution would be carried out for the first time; certification of training of the domestic new aircraft type would be carried out for the first time; certification of training program and training course from the aircraft type training needs analysis would be carried out for the first time; and system safety concept would be incorporated into the training quality control certification for the first time. He emphasized that the certification authority and the applicant should unify thoughts, deepen understanding, coordinate closely and strengthen communication; the certification group shall provide "sincere service" and ensure the orderly progress of certification-related work.

Mr. Shi Jianzhong extended gratitude to CAAC East China Regional Administration for its long-term guidance and support to COMAC. He expressed that if an aircraft wants to enter the international market, a training system with its own characteristics must be built. COMAC had attached great importance to CCAR-142 certification, and would learn with an open mind from CAAC to further improve the operation management system, strengthen the management system of self-audit and self-supervision within the company, and enhance the risk management ability and operation management level. He hoped that this certification could become a new starting point and further promote the development of China's civil aircraft cause.

COMAC flight training center reported on the preparation for CCAR-142 certification at the meeting, and a CAAC representative preached the certification policies. The certification began on October 23rd, 2017, and was expected to end in this December.

COMAC Flight Training Center is the first flight training center of a civil aircraft manufacturer. The flight training center has collected flight data packets centering on the research and development of aircraft programs, developed training program, flight simulation device and management manual, fostered a group of instructor pilots, and established the organization structure and management process for flight training to meet customers' training needs in accordance with the requirements of CAAC regulations. At present, the preparation for CCAR-142 certification of the flight training center has been completed, and the conditions of CCAR-142 certification are met.

Officers of CAAC East China Regional Administration, CAAC Shanghai Safety Oversight Administration, CAAC Wenzhou Safety Oversight Administration, and COMAC Customer Service Center attended the meeting.

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