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COMAC attends Beijing Exhibition of Central Enterprise Innovation Achievements

Innovation achievements of COMAC in aircraft development comprehensively displayed

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2017-09-14   Source:News Center of COMAC
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To greet the 19th CPC National Congress, the Exhibition of Achievements in Central Enterprise Technical Innovation and Mass Entrepreneurship & Innovation which was hosted by Bureau of General Affairs of State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration (SASAC) and assisted by China Electronics Technology (Group) Corporation (CETC) was opened at China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology in Beijing on September 14th, 2017 and would lasted for one month. Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) attended the exhibition with innovative technology products such as a 1:20 model of C919 aircraft, a "Smart Sparrow A" demonstrator and composite material reference blocks to fully display the innovation and entrepreneurship achievements of the company in the development process of aircraft programs to all walks of life.

In order to encourage young people to make innovations and start their own businesses, promote their growth and development, and create an atmosphere of innovation, COMAC has supported its subordinate units to establish multiple innovation platforms and actively carry out mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and achieved milestones. The "Smart Sparrow" demonstrator showed during the exhibition is one of the representative achievements made by the company in mass entrepreneurship and innovation. "Smart Sparrow" is currently the largest jet scaled flight demonstrator in China used for demonstrating new-generation civil aircraft aerodynamic configuration. It adopts large strake wing blended configuration and retractable landing gears. The fuselage largely adopts composite material, and secondary load-bearing components and landing gears are produced by 3D printing technology. The demonstrator is designed to carry out scaled flight demonstration centering on future advanced civil aircraft technology, demonstrate the low-speed aerodynamic characteristics, controllability and stability of aircraft in blended wing-body aerodynamic configuration through a series of flight tests, and provide technical support for the overall design of future civil aircraft. Meanwhile, COMAC also showed a porosity reference block used for detecting the void content in composite parts and demarcating void distribution range and a structural macroscopic defect reference block used for studying NDT methods, assessing personnel, evaluating instruments and verifying processes. This technology has obtained 4 patents, won 2016 Innovation Achievement Award granted by Shanghai Society for Composite Materials, and been applied to the manufacturing of C919 composite parts.

At this exhibition, COMAC showed an intellectual cloud platform "Moore Cloud" which was independently developed by COMAC and oriented to the technology research & development, trade and service of global civil aviation and an emergency recorder tracking system "Messenger" which could eject the flight data recorder system. "Messenger" system has obtained two US patents at present, and it is the first time for China civil aviation industry to apply an airworthiness certificate from FAA and EASA for a system-level product and participate in the development of relevant airworthiness provisions and industrial standards.

During the development of aircraft programs, COMAC has actively promoted innovation, application, system construction, civil aircraft industry construction and personnel training, and has made great achievements in technology innovation, management innovation and system innovation. With respect to scientific research and breakthrough, COMAC has conquered and mastered more than 100 core technologies of 20 specialties in five categories and more than 6,000 civil aircraft technologies, put five international advanced production lines into service, applied multiple new materials, and promoted the development of multiple basic theory disciplines in the research and development of aircraft programs.. The company has thoroughly implemented the concept of new development, vigorously implemented the strategy of driving development by innovation, made innovations in program management model, and created national scientific and technological innovation platforms. It has built one national key laboratory, one national engineering and technological research center, four provincial key laboratories and 25 professional laboratories represented by "National Laboratory for Civil Aircraft Flight Simulation" and "National Engineering and Technological Research Center for Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing", all of which have aircraft-level integration and verification capability.

With respect to system construction, COMAC has basically obtained the core competences as a main manufacturer, such as design and R&D, final assembly and manufacturing, marketing, customer service, airworthiness certification and supplier management. At present, the company has cooperated with 36 universities in China to build a new platform of civil aircraft technology innovation system; joined hands with more than 200 enterprises in 22 provinces and cities in China and 16 international suppliers and created 16 joint ventures to participate in aircraft programs, which has promoted the supporting capability level of China's civil aircraft industry; constructed COMAC management system to established and perfect the modern state-owned enterprise system with Chinese characteristics; mastered system engineering method; established the program management system of developing multiple models concurrently; and constructed efficient operation system and effective supervision system.

With respect to talent team construction, COMAC has cultivated a team of trunk liner talents who are mainly young people, have firm faith, dedication and courage to tackle key problems and struggle against formidable tasks and have international vision. The company has 10,800 employees at present, 76% of whom are under the age of 35.

COMAC, established in May 2008 in Shanghai, functions as the main vehicle in implementing large passenger aircraft programs in China. It is also mandated with the overall planning of developing trunk liner and regional jet programs and realizing the industrialization of civil aircraft in China. At present, COMAC is developing three aircraft programs: ARJ21 regional aircraft, C919 trunk liner and long-range widebody aircraft.

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