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COMAC shares experience at the first anniversary of ARJ21 demonstration operation

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2017-07-03   Source:News Center of COMAC
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ARJ21-700 aircraft has been in demonstration operation at Chengdu Airlines for a whole year. Over the past year, China's first jet which was put into route operation has brought expectations and surprises to us, and especially accumulated a lot of experience for us. As the main manufacturer of ARJ21-700 aircraft, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) held a meeting for sharing and exchanging the experience in demonstration operation on July 3rd, 2017 to summarize the past, think about the future, and make suggestions for the development of its three aircraft programs. Mr. He Dongfeng, President of COMAC, and Mr. Shi Jianzhong and Mr. Wu Guanghui, Vice Presidents of COMAC, attended the meeting. Mr. Zhao Yuerang, Vice President of COMAC, presided over the meeting and made a keynote speech.

Mr. He Dongfeng expressed that there were a lot of thanks and congratulations to give at the first anniversary of ARJ21-700 demonstration operation. First of all, thanks should be given to our customers for giving us the opportunity and making many excellent suggestions to help ARJ21-700 aircraft make further improvement. Thanks should also be given to the ARJ21 program team who had communicated with customers on the front line and made relevant plans to meet customers' needs and ensure the safe operation of the aircraft. Finally, thanks should be given to CAAC for ensuring the operation safety of ARJ21-700 aircraft. At the same time, COMAC has improved its awareness of civil aircraft in this year, and has made progress in its communication with customers. For the research and development of future aircraft programs, Mr. He Dongfeng emphasized that we should accumulate experience and learn lessons to grow and make progress in practice; should focus on customers and create value for customers; and should make all cadres and workers have confidence in the program, in the career and in the development of the company.

Mr. Shi Jianzhong pointed out that the ARJ21 program team had made innovation in management mode, made breakthrough and progress actively, and dared to reflect upon oneself and look for problems in experience exchange, and this spirit would become the important wealth of COMAC. The team that has grown up in practice is good at exploring and thinking actively and has ambitious goals, which lays a solid foundation for the development of the future programs of the company.

Mr. Wu Guanghui pointed out that the valuable experience gained in ARJ21 program is an important asset of COMAC, and hoped that all cadres and workers, including the C919 program team, would accumulate experience, learn lessons and make new and greater contributions to the development of COMAC's aircraft programs.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhao Yuerang made a speech themed with Face Up to the Past and Look to the Future, and expounded the theme from four aspects, including briefing on the development of ARJ21 program up to now, gains, lessons learned, and future plan. Mr. Zhao Yuerang pointed out that through the research and development of ARJ21 program, COMAC had experienced the whole process including type certification, production certification, production and delivery for operation of a commercial aircraft, established a research and development team composed of technicians, managers and industrial workers, and formed a sound management system for decision-making process and working methods. For the research and development of future aircraft programs, Mr. Zhao Yuerang pointed out that lessons learned can become experience after being corrected, experience can be applied in practice, application can become inheritance after being popularized, and inheritance can become the best wealth after being carried forward.

At the meeting, exchanges and discussions were also made on the issues of ARJ21-700 demonstration operation, operational problem solving methods and measures, problems and experience in project management, experience in system engineering and requirements management, experience in airworthiness management, experience in manufacturability analysis, experience in technical publications and maintainability analysis, and experience in supplier communication and coordination.

Leaders of all the departments and units of COMAC Headquarters, general managers, deputy general managers, directors and deputy directors of Level-0 PMO, and senior program managers and engineering managers of Level-1 IPT teams of C919 program, ARJ21 program and widebody aircraft program attended the meeting.


A photo of the ARJ21 aircraft delivered to Chengdu Airlines.

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