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COMAC signs Framework Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Hunan Province

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2017-06-13   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Site of signing ceremony.


Meeting for Promoting Civil-Military Integration In-depth Development of Hunan was held in Changsha on June 13th, 2017. At the meeting, Hunan provincial government signed a Framework Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) to accelerate the China-made trunk liner program, and drive the aviation industry of Hunan to realize leapfrog development. Mr. Xu Dazhe, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Governor of Hunan Province, and Mr. He Dongfeng, President of COMAC, witnessed the signing of the agreement together. Mr. Zhang Jianfei, Vice Governor of Hunan Province, and Mr. Shi Jianzhong, Vice President of COMAC, placed their signatures on the Framework Strategic Cooperation Agreement.

According to this agreement, both sides would insist on the principle of "Program Driven, Market Operated, Advantage Complemented, and Common Development", give full play to their respective advantages on the basis of consolidating the achievements of the existing cooperation, develop cooperation in multiple levels, multiple fields and multiple forms centering on major aircraft programs such as China-made trunk liner, and accelerate the implementation of a number of key programs to jointly deepen cooperation in aviation industry, support the layout of the civil aircraft industry in Hunan, push forward the cooperation with respect to production, education, research and application in aviation field, support the development of domestic civil aircraft industry and achieve mutual benefits and common development.

Mr. Xu Dazhe said in his opening speech at the meeting that Hunan province would resolutely implement the central government's decision-making and deployment, and focus on upgrading high-end equipment manufacturing and electronic information; further improve the role of the government and the market, improve relevant policies and measures, and guide enterprises to increase research input and implement a number of major projects and programs. He hoped that all the units and departments concerned could work together with Hunan, work hand in hand to improve the civil-military science and technology cooperation and innovation system, promote the cooperation of production, education and research as well as the transformation and application of achievements, and gather all elements such as programs, funds and talents to inject new impetus into the construction of advanced national defense science and technology industrial system with Chinese characteristics and the development of local economy.

Mr. He Dongfeng extended gratitude for the long-term support provided by Hunan Province to C919 program as well as the development and construction of COMAC, and introduced the research and development progress of the three major programs. He expressed that the signing of the Framework Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Hunan provincial government and COMAC indicates the starting of a new development phase for both sides, and both sides would develop more extensive and in-depth cooperation in civil aircraft industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of Hunan civil aircraft industry to the middle and high ends, support the international cooperation of Hunan aviation enterprises, promote the development of the Hunan aviation infrastructure industry, and promote the development of airport economy and air transport industry in Hunan. COMAC would take the strategic cooperation as an opportunity and be led by the trunk liner program to enter Hunan, merge into Hunan and draw a blueprint for the development of civil aircraft industry together with Hunan.

It is known that Hunan provincial government has signed a Framework Agreement on Production, Teaching & Research Cooperation of Trunk Liner with COMAC in 2009. Hunan Province has been active in supporting the research and development of ARJ21 and C919 programs of COMAC for a long time. Honeywell Boyun Aero Systems (Hunan) Co., Ltd., Liebherr LAMC Aviation (Changsha) Co., Ltd., and Hunan Aerospace Huanyu Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. have respectively undertaken the research and development of wheel brake system, main landing gear parts and components, and aircraft tooling. Hunan Boyun New Materials Co., Ltd., National University of Defense Technology and Central South University have undertaken related research of the trunk liner.


In meeting.


Mr. He Dongfeng made a speech on June 13th, 2017.

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