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Mockup of Sino-Russian long-range widebody aircraft debuts

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2016-11-02   Source:News Center of COMAC
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A photo of the mockup of Sino-Russian long-range widebody aircraft.


During the 11th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition on November 2nd, 2016, a 1:10 model of Sino-Russian long-range widebody aircraft was exhibited for the first time by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC). Mr. Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Mr. Boginsky, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Mr. Yury Slyusar, President of Russia's United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Mr. Jin Zhuanglong, Chairman of COMAC, and Mr. He Dongfeng, President of COMAC, developed in-depth exchanges on the issues of further enhancing communication and promoting widebody aircraft program, and unveiled the model together. Mr. Shi Jianzhong and Mr. Wu Guanghui, Vice Presidents of COMAC, attended the meeting.

The Sino-Russian long-range widebody aircraft is a major strategic cooperation program between companies of both countries in high-tech field under the background of further developing the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between China and Russia. After the broad and thorough preliminary market research and joint demonstration, and with the witness of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin, COMAC signed a joint venture contract with UAC on June 25th, 2016 to formally establish a relationship of cooperation in developing widebody aircraft between the companies of both countries. The companies of both countries will carry out the development in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, and found a joint venture in Shanghai to be responsible for implementing the program. At present, the procedures for registration and approval of the joint venture have been started, and it is estimated that the joint venture will be officially launched for operation within the current year. Final aircraft assembly will be completed in Shanghai.

The main purpose of the two countries' joint efforts in developing long-range widebody aircraft program is to gather human, technology and other resources to face the fierce market competition. By taking complementary advantages and conducting joint development, risks can be shared and success rate of the program can be increased. The market in Russia and China is the foundation of program success.

The Sino-Russian long-range widebody aircraft has a cabin layout with dual aisles. Its baseline version has a range of 12,000 km, with seats for 280 passengers. By using advanced aerodynamic design, large quantities of composite materials and a new generation of high bypass ratio turbofan engines to improve the overall performance, the widebody aircraft will have a lower direct operating cost than that of aircraft of the same model. Based on the baseline version, stretched version and shortened version will be developed to meet different customer needs. The widebody aircraft will be developed in accordance with international mainstream airworthiness standards. According to development experience, it is expected to take about seven years from launching the program to achieving first flight, and about 10 years to realizing product delivery. Up to now, the companies of both countries have developed a program implementation plan.

The widebody aircraft program will remain open, and it is preferred to select global suppliers to participate in the development. The principle of marketization and standardization will be adhered to during supplier selection. Tenders will be invited from around the world, and priority will be given to suppliers with rich experience, competitive products and willingness to share risks. Suppliers shall have the capability of and experience in supporting life cycle operation of the aircraft type, and have a complete airworthiness guarantee system, a quality control system and customer support capability. Both sides encourage more suppliers to carry out associated production by making investment or joint venture domestically. At present, the companies of both countries are jointly evaluating suppliers' reply to Request for Information (RFI).

After the innovation and pioneering development of more than eight years, COMAC has explored a road of innovation and development with China civil aircraft industry characteristics, systematically built six major platforms for civil aircraft development, established and improved China civil aircraft technology innovation system and civil aircraft industry system, basically achieved the capacities for the whole industry chain, such as civil aircraft development, production and manufacturing, accumulated rich experience in major program engineering practice, and made great breakthroughs in current civil aircraft product development, talent team construction as well as system and mechanism innovation. Two ARJ21 aircraft have been delivered and put into route operation with good market operation and sales status at present. C919 aircraft is in preparation for its first flight, and all work advances steadily. Joint development of Sino-Russian long-range widebody aircraft is advanced with all strength, and China civil aircraft has preliminarily stepped into the road of industrialization, marketization and serialization development.


Mr. Jin Zhuanglong and Mr. He Dongfeng met with Mr. Manturov and his delegation prior to the unveiling ceremony on November 2nd, 2016.


Both sides unveiled the Sino-Russian long-range widebody aircraft on November 2nd, 2016.


A group photo taken on November 2nd, 2016.

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