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Four ARJ21 aircraft fly at the same time, people dedicated to trunk liner rise up in time

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2017-02-08   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Rising up in time.


While the wonderful land of China was still permeated with cheerful atmosphere for celebrating the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rooster, people dedicated to Chinese trunk liner rose up in time and headed towards a new journey for the trunk liner dream from February 6th to 8th, 2017. Four ARJ21 aircraft flew at the same time respectively in Shanghai, Shandong, Shanxi and Sichuan, and completed a series of model development tasks in just three days.

On February 6th, the 10th day of the first lunar month, ARJ21 AC104 began its first flight in the Year of the Rooster in Yanliang,Xi'an.Yanliang got moderate snow on February 7th, and AC104 flew against the wind and snow. It completed 6 flights in 8 hours and 35 minutes in three days from February 6th to 8th, and completed relevant design optimization flight test tasks on schedule.

The red sun rose from the east at Shanghai Dachang Airbase on February 7th. ARJ21-700 AC103 took off at 7:20 and completed the flight inspection tasks covering 35 test points by 9:35, thus completing the first flight in the new year. Mr. Zhao Zhiqiang, Pilot of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), Mr. Xu Yuanzheng and Mr. Lai Xuechun, Test Pilots of Flight Test Center of COMAC (FTCC), and Mr. Wei Xiancheng, Commander of FTCC, participated in this flight inspection. After a short but detailed post-flight inspection, AC103 took off again at 11:34 and landed in Nantong at 11:51, completing the in-flight test tasks of relevant systems. In the next few days, AC103 would carry out a series of flight test tasks in Nantong.

After C-Check at Taikoo (Shandong) Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd. on February 7th, ARJ21 AC106 was flown by Mr. Sui Mingguang, President of Sichuan Airlines, and completed local training. AC106 returned to Sichuan on February 8th; it took off from Jinan at 13:20 and arrived in Chengdu successfully at 17:51.

After the Spring Festival, AC102 galloped through all pre-flight preparations, successfully completed the first flight in the new year on February 8th with a flight duration of two hours, and started the last spurt to a series of design optimization tasks for ARJ21 aircraft.


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