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COMAC holds achievement exhibition of quality trustworthy group construction

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2017-01-18   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Mr. Jin Zhuanglong listened to the work report at the exhibition.


Recently, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) held an achievement exhibition of quality trustworthy group construction. Mr. Jin Zhuanglong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of COMAC, and Mr. He Dongfeng, President of COMAC, visited the exhibition respectively.

Mr. Jin Zhuanglong pointed out that groups were the most basic organization units in an enterprise, the cells for stimulating staff's vitality, and the foothold for enhancing enterprise management level, constructing COMAC management system and establishing a first-class aviation enterprise. We should create opportunities for group leaders and stick to the strategies of "going out" and "bringing in" to broaden horizons; should hold special training courses for group leaders to further enhance their ability and play a leading role; should further enrich the connotation of quality work to implement the "four fine" concept during specific work of the groups; should explore and establish a long-acting group construction mechanism meeting the development requirements of the company and the staff in order to give full play to the basic function of the groups in the research and development of aircraft programs.

Mr. He Dongfeng expressed that the exhibition fully showed the achievements and experience of COMAC in constructing quality trustworthy groups in recent years, especially in 2016. We need to gain enlightenment from it, get to the bottom of each matter and get all work done by each group and each employee. Each group leader should use his own wisdom and vitality to drive the group members, further solid work, comprehensively improve the overall level of group construction, and promote the development of trunk liner career by the actual effect of group construction.

COMAC has firmly established the group construction concepts of "Soaring based on lean management, and flying based on groups" and built the group construction systems and mechanisms which were "led by Party Committee, supported by Administration, handled by Labor Union, cooperatively promoted by all departments, and extensively participated by the staff". By the end of 2016, through the group construction of COMAC, 3 groups were awarded with the title of "National Pioneer Workers", 12 groups were awarded with the title of "National Quality Trustworthy Groups", 6 groups were awarded with the title of "National Excellent QC Groups", and a group of advanced group leaders such as Chinese Craftsmen Hu Shuangqian and Wang Wei have emerged.


Mr. He Dongfeng visited the exhibition.

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