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First C919 aircraft delivered to FTCC

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2016-12-29   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Site of the delivery ceremony.


The first C919 aircraft of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) was delivered to Flight Test Center of COMAC (FTCC) on December 25th, 2016. Mr. Jin Zhuanglong, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of COMAC and General Director of C919 Program, attended the delivery ceremony and presented the fighting forces with a flag. Mr. He Dongfeng, President of COMAC and Executive Deputy General Director of C919 Program, delivered a mobilization speech. Mr. Tian Min, CFO of COMAC, Mr. Wu Guanghui, Vice President of COMAC and Chief Designer of C919 Program, Mr. Liu Linzong, Vice President of COMAC, and Mr. Zhao Yuerang, Vice President of COMAC, attended the ceremony.

In the speech, Mr. He Dongfeng encouraged all personnel participating in the research and test of C919 program to continue to do their best and devote themselves to various efforts on follow-up production, scientific research and flight test with full energy and passion. He emphasized that in the follow-up work, all personnel shall fulfill responsibility and clarify tasks with the confidence to succeed and tenacious style of work, have the courage to communicate, be good at communication, enhance coordination and unite power; and first priority should always be given to safety and quality to ensure that there is no risk at all.

Mr. Wu Guanghui put forward requirements for the work in the next phase. Relevant leaders of Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SAMC) and FTCC respectively introduced the status of aircraft delivery and aircraft receiving inspection. Mr. Shen Weiguo, President Assistant of COMAC and President of SAMC, and Mr. Qian Jin, Chief Pilot of COMAC and President of FTCC, signed the aircraft handover letter. Leaders of each team made a position statement respectively.


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