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Dalian Airlines Seeks to Expand Business Scope

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2016-05-19   Source:China Aviation Daily
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Dalian Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Registration B-5197)/Photo by CARNOC.com user "Runway28"


Dalian Airlines, a regional subsidiary of Air China, has filed an application to CAAC North Regional Administration for expanding its business license coverage and passed preliminary review by the aviation authority, according to a notice released Thursday on the website of CAAC.

The Dalian-based airline is now permitted to operate cargo and passenger services within China. It is applying to expand its business scope to operate domestic cargo and passenger services - including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan services, as well as international cargo and passenger services.

Pending government approval, the airline will launch more international routes and speed up its international development.

The Transportation Department of CAAC is now soliciting public comments on the application until June 1, 2016.

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