ARJ21-700 AC103 completes severe cold flight test

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2014-01-18    Source:News Center of COMAC


ARJ21-700 AC103 successfully completed severe cold ground test and severe cold flight test in Hailaer, Inner Mongolia, and flew from Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport to Xi'an Yanliang airport with a stopover at Huhehaote Baita International Airport on January 18th, 2014.

Sixteen tests including four MOC5 ground tests and twelve MOC6 flight tests were completed during this test period. Representatives of ARJ21-700 aircraft certification team fully verified the tests related to power system operation status, whole aircraft check and environmental control system operation status in severe cold conditions. The test results are verified to be valid and in compliance with the flight test plan. Meanwhile, the flight test demonstrates that ARJ21-700 aircraft has safe flight performance and normal operational capability in severe cold conditions.

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