The CPC Central Committee and the State Council have made a strategic decision from a historical and macro perspective to establish Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. (COMAC) in order to develop large commercial aircraft with a view to promoting China's scientific and technological progress and improve the comprehensive national strengths. Since the incorporation of COMAC, entrusted with this sacred mission and carrying a great dream and passion of "making Chinese large airliners fly in the blue skies soon", we have been making unremitting efforts to develop the C919 and ARJ21 programs. Thanks to more-than-three-year innovation and development, COMAC has stepped onto the track of rapid growth, with increasing talent pools, improved competencies, a better-fledged commercial aircraft industry system, and a well-rounded corporate culture.

Looking back, we are very thrilled. State leaders such as Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, He Guoqiang, and Zhou Yongkang have given important directions which enhanced our confidence. The great support from Central Government and relevant Ministries and Commissions, and local governments as well as warm care from all social sectors have created a favorable environment and provided a strong power base for COMAC. On behalf of COMAC, I would like to express heartfelt thanks to the leaders, experts, and people from all walks of life for their generous help and support to COMAC.

Looking into the future, we are full of pride and enthusiasm. The decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to develop large commercial airplanes, plus the increasing demand for commercial airplanes in the Chinese market, provides an excellent opportunity for COMAC to develop. We will certainly cherish the existing good foundation and seize new opportunities. Based on the new starting point, we are prepared to meet new challenges, inherit and innovate, in order to enable safe, stable and rapid development of COMAC.

We will always uphold independent innovation, determinedly adhere to the path of developing civil aircraft with Chinese characteristics and technological progress, and establish a market-oriented technological innovation system, which features enterprises as key players in conjunction with integrated manufacturing, education, research and end uses. Benchmarking with world-class, we shall advance forward-looking innovations, manufacturing innovations and competitive innovations, to comprehensively promote the core competencies of COMAC as an airframer. We are determined to grasp some key technologies, build an indigenous brand recognized internationally.

We will continue to follow the open and cooperative principles. On the platform of aircraft programs, we shall strengthen strategic cooperation with suppliers, and leverage international and domestic markets and resources. COMAC shall contribute to the construction of civil aircraft supply chain and industrial system, and promote the continuous upgrading of the industrial structure, product structure, ownership right structure and organizational structure.

We will always act in the scientific spirit and strive for excellence. By constantly strengthening the "global, thorough and total" quality management awareness, airworthiness management awareness and cost management awareness, we shall establish and improve an effective operating system and supervision system. Based on the principle of safety first, we are committed to creating exquisite products, and endeavor to build safer, more economic, more comfortable and more eco-friendly commercial airplanes for customers.

We will always give priority to talents, establish a scientific approach to develop talents, implement our strategy of building the company through talents. We shall continue to innovate the mechanism of developing talents by means of attracting talents, making good use of them, and cultivating them, with a view to building COMAC into a "special zone" and "dream land" for talents and into a "stage" for their career.

We will continue to carry on the fine spirit of the past and count on our employees to develop the company, and give full play to their intelligence and wisdom. Guided by the advanced culture, and acting in the spirit of "indigenously-developed atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and satellite", manned space, and aeronautical patriotism, we are prepared to "struggle, overcome technical difficulties, meet challenges and dedicate ourselves to the company for a long period of time moving forward". We shall foster a "Spirit of Chinese Large Commercial Airplanes", and let the corporate culture drive the sustainable development of COMAC.

Standing on the new starting point and keeping our mission in the mind, with iron-like perseverance and unswerving efforts, we shall shoulder great responsibilities to build the large commercial aircraft program into a landmark project for the national reform and opening up campaign in the new era and for building an innovative country. We also vow to build COMAC into a world-class aviation company and let China-made large commercial aircraft fly in the blue skies soon.

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