Shanghai Guosheng (Group) Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Guosheng (Group) Co., Ltd. is the investment arm of Shanghai Government to participate in the Large Aircraft Program. Guosheng is a large state-owned assets management company in Shanghai, and also an investment and financing platform for key industry projects supported by Shanghai Government. It has registered capital of RMB 10 billion, and its scope of business mainly covers non-financial investment plus minor financial investment, capital operation, assets management, industry research, and socioeconomic consultation, etc.

In accordance with the requirements of Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and Municipal Government, centering on the general economy situation in Shanghai, Guosheng makes great efforts to promote the adjustment of the layout structure of state-owned economy and the optimization of industrial structure, and implement the strategy of boosting Shanghai's properity with science and education. Guosheng mainly serves as "three platforms": First, an investment platform, which aims to invest in key strategic industry projects to develop Shanghai"s economy, invest in the leading industry projects in Shanghai in the future and also invest in the scientific and technological innovation projects based on the general development situations in Shanghai in line with national strategies; Second, a financing platform, which should actively attract foreign and national investments to bridging all sources of capital, widen the direct financing channel under the support of capital markets, work for project financing incessantly for industry development in Shanghai, the reform development of the state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises and the innovation of science and technology, and promote the innovation of the investment and financing mechanism in Shanghai; Third, an asset operating platform, which should participate in diversifying the share base of state-owned enterprises through strategic stock holding, revitalizing the assets incessantly via the operation of assets management to promote the state-owned capital and resources to be centered on dominant industry and trades so as to optimize the structure of the state-owned assets.

Shanghai Guosheng (Group) Co., Ltd. boasts strong investment and financing capabilities, solid capital and lower gearing ratio, and owns many listed companies. It enjoys extensive direct and indirect financing channels with reputable credits.