Aviation Industry Corporation of China


Aviation Industry Corporation of China (hereafter called AVIC for short) is a super large state-owned enterprise managed by the Central People's Government, and also an investment institution authorized by the PRC. It is reorganized on top of AVIC I and AVIC II. AVIC has 10 business units: defense, transport aircraft, engine, helicopter, avionics and system, general aviation aircraft, aviation research and development, flight test, trade & logistics, and asset management, with nearly 200 subsidiaries (branches) and over 20 listed companies.

AVIC develops a series of fighter, fighter bomber, bomber, transport aircraft, trainer, reconnaissance aircraft, helicopter, attack aircraft, general aviation aircraft, UAV, etc. It also develops engines and missiles, such as turboprop engines, turbo-shaft engines, turbojets, turbofans, etc., air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles and ground-to-air missiles in overall. It develops and builds brand aircraft including J-10, FBC-1, JF-17, L-15, JL-9, etc., brand engines such as Taihang, Qinling, Kunlun, etc. It provides advanced aviation weaponry to Chinese military forces.

AVIC upholds the principle of "connecting the defense and commercial development and achieving synergy between the military and civil business"and vigorously develops civil and military transport with "new concept, new idea and new measure". AVIC is developing and manufacturing aircraft in series, such as turbo propeller regional aircraft of MA-60, MA-600 and MA-700, transport of Y-8 & Y-12, Z-9 helicopter, etc. AVIC is the major developer and supplier of ARJ21 and will also play a key role in the Large Aircraft Program. AVIC works together with the world aviation industry extensively under the principle of "only partners no competitors". It is involved in international cooperation programs, such as FC-1, K8, EC120 helicopter, ERJ145, etc. Meanwhile, it actively participates in the development of international key aviation programs, and vigorously develops aviation subcontracting production businesses. It applies the advanced aviation technology to such products as automobile, motorcycle, engine and spare parts thereof, etc. It vigorously develops mechanical electrical products including gas turbines, refrigerating equipment, electronic products, environment protection equipment, new energy equipment, etc. It also provides the tertiary industry services, such as: aircraft leasing, general aviation, air transportation, medical service, construction survey and design, civil engineering contracting and construction, real estate/property development, etc.

AVIC is one of the leading companies in science & technology development in China. It has a high-level research system including 33 research institutes and China Aviation Research Academy. It boasts a large team of academicians and national-class experts. A large number of research & test facilities take the lead in Asia or in the world. AVIC intranet, connecting all the domestic AVIC subsidiaries and affiliates, greatly facilitates the collaboration on information flow necessary for concurrent design and manufacturing at different locations.

AVIC commits to "contributing to the Nation with aviation industry, strengthening the military forces and enrich the people" and carries out the concept of "commitment and integrity, innovative and preeminent", firmly holds the opportunity of wealth revolutionary, makes great efforts to carry out "market-oriented reform, center-of-excellence-based integration, capital operation, globalization-based development, and industrial-scale-based growth", strikes for higher, faster and stronger development, and marches towards the goal of becoming world-class corporation.