Aluminum Corporation of China


Aluminum Corporation of China (CHINALCO) is an investment management institution and holding company authorized by PRC, and is also one of key state-owned enterprises directly supervised by the Central Government. As at the end of 2007, it has total assets of more than RMB 200 billion. With respect to the value-appreciation and value-preservation state-owned assets and the return on net assets, it is always in a leading status among China's state-owned enterprises with the assets of over RMB10 billion. CHINALCO is the world's second largest alumina producer and third largest electrolytic aluminum producer. It is the controlling shareholder of Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (CHALCO), which is listed on New York Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange. and Shanghai Stock Exchange, respectively, with a BBB+ rating by Standard & Poor's for three years in succession.

In accordance with its strategic positioning of developing into a polymetallic ore company in the world, CHINALCO finds a foothold on the domestic market while faces to the overseas market to actively integrate domestic resources and accelerate to explore global business and broad product combination. Within the legal framework, CHINALCO is engaged in investment, management and operation of state-owned assets, including the mining of bauxite, the smelting, processing and trading of aluminum, the mining of rare-earth metal, the smelting, processing and trading of rare-earth metal, the mining, smelting, processing and trading of copper and other nonferrous metal, and the technical services of relevant engineering.

CHINALCO has independently researched, developed and applied the Bayer's method for ore dressing, and applied the new process and the new technology such as large-scale aluminum electrolyte tanks of 400 kiloamperes, special aluminum alloy, special titanium alloy, produced by CHINALCO have become important materials for producing military defense products, such as series of "Long March" rockets, "Shenzhou" spaceships, CHINALCO enjoys excellent management teams and skilled technical talent teams covering extensive fields, and succeeded in a variety of core technology with its own intellectual property.

Acting in the sprit of "making vigorous efforts to innovate and develop" , the management philosophy of "being strict, meticulous, realistic, novel, sustaining and uniform", and the business concept of "integrity and giving priority to returns", CHINALCO incessantly pushes its reform and development, actively discharges social responsibilities, and build itself into an enterprise featuring safe productions, resource conservation and environment protection. Facing the new economic situation and international competition environment, CHINALCO will ceaselessly pursue the cooperative aspiration of "being first class in the world, with sustaining harmonious business", and develop on a sound and rapid basis, leveraging on scientific development concepts, favorable development achievements and advanced enterprise cultures.