Baosteel Group Corporation


Baosteel Group Corporation (hereinafter as Baosteel) is a production base of steel products with fine quality and a research and development base of the new process, new technology and new material of the steel industry, featuring the most modernized organization, the largest production scale, most varieties and most advanced technology, and ranks among the world's advanced steel enterprises. Baosteel has been enrolled in Fortune 500 from 2003 to 2006, with a credit rating of "A-"Standard & Poor's in October 2007.

Baosteel has formed the production capability of more than 23 million tons. Its steel industry covers three major categories: carbon steel, stainless steel and special steel. And it is the largest domestic production base of the steel products with fine quality, including automotive steel, steel for home appliances, stainless steel, steel for boats and pipelines, electric steel, special metal materials, special-purpose seamless tubes for petroleum and electricity industry, steel for new-style buildings, etc. Its products have been widely applied to a group of China's key projects, such as Main Conference Hall for Olympic Games, CCTV's New Headquarter in Beijing, the Terminal Building of Beijing Capital International Airport, the Terminal Building of Pudong International Airport, Zhoushan Mainland and Islands Link Project, Shanghai World Financial Center, Donghai Bridge, National Strategic Oil Reserve Bases, etc., which has forcefully supported China's modernization development. The 1,500 tons of automobile sheets produced by Baosteel came off the production line on Nov.18, 2006, which indicates that Baosteel has set up favorable domestic brand images on the research and development, production, marketing and service of automobile sheets through 15 years of hard and persistent struggles.

Over the years, Baosteel insists on taking the people as the most important assets, inherits the concept of developing the company with the staff, strives to make a harmonious development environment for the staff, and actively establishes the harmonious labor relationships.

Looking into the future, Baosteel will find a foothold on the strategy of producing steel products with fine quality, and make great efforts to promote the capabilities of independent technical innovation and cycle economy development, actively participate in the structural adjustment of China's steel industry and accelerate steps to achieve the strategic goal of ranking itself among the world's top three players in the steel industry.