Sinochem Group

As one of key state-owned enterprises, Sinochem Group has been named among "Fortune 500" for 17 times.

Since 1998, Sinochem has actively explored the transformation developing path of the traditional state-owned foreign trade enterprises under the condition of socialist market economy, vigorously carried out the concept innovation and management change, centralized resources on the development of five main business segments including agriculture, energy, chemical industry, finance and real estate. It has gradually become an innovative enterprise which has advanced concepts, management science and prominent core competence, rapidly improving its general capabilities and industry status, and enhancing the capability to influence, control and drive relevant trades.

In the agricultural field, Sinochem is the biggest fertilizer enterprise in China with the integration of producing, supplying and marketing all kinds of fertilizer and seed products. It holds a leading status in the field of pesticide research, development, production and marketing, and seed production and processing. It supplies the products with high quality, high efficiency and environment protection for agricultural production and provides overall agricultural science and technology service for hundreds of millions of peasants through its powerful distribution networks covering more than 91% of cultivated land in China, makes great efforts to promote the development of modern agriculture and increase peasant income, and thus it is a national team and main force for guaranteeing our agriculture security and promoting construction of new socialist countryside.

In the energy field, Sinochem has been engaged in the petroleum business for decades of years, and maintained a long-term friendly cooperation with global petroleum interests. In the recent years, it not only persistently enhanced its traditional predominance in the fields of international petroleum trade and warehouse logistics, but also made a historic breakthrough in the upstream exploration and development business. It has developed into a national petroleum corporation with the integration of the upstream and downstream sectors and distinctive features, which plays an important role in the petroleum field, and becomes an important force for solidifying our energy security.

In the chemical field, Sinochem keeps a leading predominance to develop in the segments of fluorine chemicals, natural rubber, chemical logistics, etc., and makes an important influence on dying, medicine research, development and marketing. It is a leading combined service provider for chemical products in China, and plays a positive role to promote the scientific and technological progress, security, environment protection and harmonious development of the chemical industry.

It provides a variety of financial products and services for markets, and its branches, such as Foreign Trade Trust Co., Ltd., Far Eastern Leasing Co., Ltd., Lion Fund Management Co., Ltd., Manulife-sinochen Life Insurance Co., Ltd., etc., have stronger market positions and industry influences in respective fields.

In the real estate field, Sinochem is committed to specialized development and operation of high-class hotels and commercial real estates. Its hotel real estate owns famous brands and high-quality assets including Jinmao, Franshion, etc., and Jinmao building and Kaichen World Trade Center of which the majority of shares are mainly controlled by Sinochem via investment have become landmark buildings in Pudong of Shanghai and Western Chang'an Street of Beijing respectively.

Sinochem has set up many operation agencies both in China and abroad, among which, there are three listed companies with the majority of shares controlled by Sinochem, namely Sinochem International (SSE, 600500), SinoFert (HKEX, 00297) and Franshion Properties (HKEX, 00817). More than 20,000 employees emulate Sinochem's spirit of exploration and innovation, adopt the mindset of "Creating Value, Pursuing Excellence" and try their utmost to enhance the value of Sinochem.